Ivan's Gold Coast Ceviche recipe

by Ivan Klasovsky

Fish: several types of white or pink meat fish can be used to make a good Gold Coast Ceviche. The types of fish best used in ceviche are; snook, grouper, corvina, amberjack or shark, or if in Germany a salt water type such as flounder or fresh cod fish. Some of the frozen white fish from the Army commissary also work well!

Volume: For a quart of ceviche you will need two (2) pounds of fish.

Ingredients for a quart of ceviche: 20 to 30 limes in Florida key limes are the best but although seedless green limes also work, 2 medium size onions, 2 green bell peppers sweet, 2 hot peppers (aji chumbo or habaneros) and salt.

Process: First, you squeeze and strain the limes.

Second, remove all the dark meat or blood areas off the fish fillets ñ cut it off and trash it.

Third, cut the fish fillets into small pieces 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch and place in a Pyrex glass pan, salting each layer lightly. When finished with all the fish salt lightly again and set aside.

Fourth, finely chop up the onions and then the sweet bell peppers, being careful to remove the seeds. Then, using a fork and knife, finely chop up the hot peppers. Be extremely careful not to touch the hot peppers with your fingers and insure that all seeds are removed. Some of the Mexican hot peppers work here in Germany and are available at the commissary, as are the habaneros, which resemble them.

Fifth, stir up all the vegetables together and then stir them into the chopped fish. Now add the lime juice and stir after a half hour. Leave the ceviche unrefrigerated for over an hour and watch it cook. Refrigerate and let it sit for several hours before consuming. It's best to eat the following day and will last refrigerated for over a week.


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