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Cool Internet sites


Ancient Observatories: Chichén Itzá

Betcha the ancient scholars of this ruined Mayan city-state knew that we'd be having an eclipse on April 8.


Marvel Universe

A pretty good guide to the superheroes who inhabit the universe of Marvel Comics, even if they don't cover such superfiends as MODOK and The Leader.


Panama Public Health Overview

By the World Health Organization, a summary that should be reassuring to those who are afraid of yellow fever and a warning to those who have been led to believe that there is no pestilence in our corner of paradise.


The April 8th Partial Solar Eclipse

FIRST, protect your eyes with a pinhole camera or some heavy duty welders' shades. Then look at the sky on the afternoon of April 8.


The Worst Jobs in History

Two millennia of awful British gigs, vocations that are so bad that cleaning the tiger cage or feeding the Russell's Viper at the London Zoo don't make the list.




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