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by Sparky, the Wonder Dog, a/k/a Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt
edited by P.V. Alvarado

BBQ betrayal

Dear Dr. Mutt,

When my master brought me home, he told me that I was an important part of the family, and that I would share in everything. Well, it seems that there is a ëbut' in that agreement. Today the master lit the grill and threw on some chops. I watched the whole process patiently knowing that, because I was "family," one of those chops had my name on it. How wrong I was! Bottom line, I got the usual dried nuggets and the humans got the chops. I feel betrayed. I don't even feel like barking.

Bummed in Boston

Dear Bummed,

Welcome to the world of humans. Very rarely do they speak clearly. They say one thing and mean another, or we think we understand what they say, but the message gets garbled in the translation. Take heart that you were fed, and that those nuggets, though not so tasty, are probably healthier for you than the chops. At least that is what my human sources tell me.


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