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Cuquimarca's surreal paintings at new gallery

Warsaw Ghetto monument restored
Taboga's shrine to Paul Gauguin

Architectural details

Gallery & Museum Guide


ARTECONSULT: Paintings and installations by Viviana Zargón

EDU ART GALLERY: "Fantasias y Sueños," paintings by Ecuadoran artist David Cuquimarca, through August 28; permanent collection of Cuban and Latin American art, custom frames

MANOLO CARACOL: Works by Panamanian artist Miki Fábrega through August 28; exhibition by Argentine artist Claudia Aira, August 29 through October 23

MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Alfredo Sinclair retrospective

MUSEO DE PENONOME: "Naturaleza y Sueño," sculptures by Luis Gálvez

PALACIO MUNICIPAL, PANAMA CITY: Artifacts from early 20th century archaeological digs at Panama Viejo, through the end of August

WEIL ART: Permanent rotating show by Jean Francois Provost


AFRO-ANTILLEAN MUSEUM OF PANAMA: Calle 24 and Justo Arosemena, Panama, 262-5348

CASA MUSEO DEL BANCO NACIONAL DE PANAMA: Calle 30, between Avenia Cuba and Justo Arosemena

CASA DE ADUANAS: Old colonial-era customs house, in Portobelo, Colon province

DIGGERS MUSEUM: City of Knowledge, Panama, 317-0635

MUSEO ANTROPOLOGO REINA TORRES DE ARAUZ: Plaza Cinco de Mayo, Panama, 262-8338

MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORANEO: Avenida de los Martires, Panama, 262-8012

MUSEO DEL CANAL INTEROCEANICO: Plaza Catedral Casco Viejo, Panama, 211-1649

MUSEO DE HISTORIA Y ARTE JOSE DE OBALDIA: Calle 6 Oeste, David, 775-7839

MUSEO DE LA BIODIVERSIDAD: Amador Causeway, Panama

MUSEO DE LA ESMERALDA: Via Italia, Panama, 215-1664

MUSEO DE PENONOME: Bolevarda San Antonio, Penonome, 997-8490

MUSEO EL VALLE DE ANTON: Next to the Catholic Church, El Valle

MUSEO POSTAL Y TELEGRAFICO: Diagonal from the Don Bosco Church on Avenida Central, next to the post office, email


Art Galleries

ART AMERICA: Calle Aquilino de Guardia, Panama

ARTECONSULT: Calle 54 at Avenida 73 in San Francisco, Panama,
270-7517 or 270-3436, email

ARTEGMA: Avenida Samuel Lewis, Panama, building 19, 263-3816

BERNHEIM GALLERY: Calle 50, Panama, Edificio Tronlap on the ground floor, 223-0012

CASA CULTURAL HUELLAS: Calle 3ra #H-28, on the same street as the Colegio Episcopal's gym. 265-8703

CASA GONGORA: Avenida Central and Calle 4ta (Casco Viejo), Panama

GALERIA CASCO VIEJO: Punta Pacifica shopping center in Paitilla, Panama

GALERIA ALIANZA FRANCESA: At the Alliance Française on Avenida Federico Boyd, Panama

GALERIA HABITANTE: Calle Uruguay and Avenida 5B Sur, building 48, Panama, 223-8869

GALERIA LA BOHEMIA: Calle 51, building 34, Panama, 264-0590

GALERIA MERY PALMER: In the Hotel Caesar Park, Panama, 226-4077, ext. 6239


GANEXA: Calle Del Valle, Panama, 264-3961

IMAGEN: Calle 50, Edificio Imagen, Panama, 226-2649

INAC: Plaza Francia, Panama

IT'S ART GALLERY: World Trade Center, Panama

LEGACY FINE ART: Avenida Balboa and Calle 50.
Panama, 265-8141

MARCORAMA: Avenida Ramon Arias, Panama, 223-5001

MATEO SARIEL: Calle 74 E, building 8, Panama, 270-2404

WEIL ART: Calle 28 Bella Vista, Panama, 264-9697

This page, like our calendar section, is a community service that we try to make as comprehensive as possible. Listings herein are free, but we do sell advertising for this page as well, offering special low rates for artists. We will come closer to our goal of publishing a complete guide if you send us your additions, updates and corrections by email to We compile this guide from multiple sources, but must give special thanks to Lizi Rodríguez and her InfoArte email art news bulletin.



Also in this section:
Cuquimarca's surreal paintings at new gallery

Warsaw Ghetto monument restored
Taboga's shrine to Paul Gauguin

Architectural details

Gallery & Museum Guide


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