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Sparky the Wonder Dog

Poetry, Who will pick it up?
Garden auras

It's a Dog's Life



So you might as well enjoy it

Lessons in Assertiveness

by Sparky, the Wonder Dog, a/k/a Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt
edited by P.V. Alvarado

Puppy Problems

Dear Dr. Mutt,

I lived on the streets for quite a while, subject to the whims of fortune. Often I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from, but a kindly human took me in and I thought my problems were over. Little did I know they were just beginning! The human picked up a puppy, and now I have to share. Not only that, the puppy thinks I’m a dog and bugs me all day long. If he keeps this up, I may have him for lunch!

Freaked out in Fresno


Dear Freaked,

Though you don’t reveal your species, by your letter I take it you’re not a canine and not a human. If you’re a feline, I can understand your dismay at the new arrival. Though street dogs are quite astute at survival, puppies are not, and he’s probably so happy to have a home. Be patient with the little chap, and you will have a friend for life, guaranteed. Ah, the joys of puppy hood! One should be so blessed!







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