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Cool Internet sites --- this time on a special theme

Two new Panama tourism guidebooks

Cool Internet Sites

All of the websites featured in this issue are related to a theme, about which you will very likely see more in The Panama News over the coming months. Suffice that you, and a significant group of educated Panamanians, begin to think seriously of such things.

All go for giant comms satellite


Sea Launch Mission Page

Consider the possible implications of the successful sea launching of a satellite project described in these two websites. Might this be relevant to Panama's future industrial development? For example, if Panama is to build a mega-seaport adjacent to the old Howard Air Force Base, should we include in its design specifications its possible use as a maritime support base for such a sea launch space industry?


SpaceShipOne Makes History with
First Private Manned Space Flight

Space is not just a government industry anymore, and think about what THAT could mean for Panama and a number of Panamanian private companies.


Brazil Space Program


Indian Space

Also consider the implications of a few rich industrialized countries' loss of the northern oligopoly over space flight, and what that could mean for Panama. Just like the NAFTA-based hemispheric economic integration model is no longer the sole option for Panama, hitching a ride into space on NASA's expensive military-oriented space shuttle is no longer our only way to the zero gravity zone.



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