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by Diego Santiago

They see in me when Iím about to begin
A look in my eye and a confident grin.
A sign from the catcher tells me this guy is dead-
A mission accomplished at the nod of my head.

When I arch my arm and let the ball fly
Iím Mariano Rivera and not any old guy.
I practice the game in front of a mirror,
Mixing my pitches and drinking my beer

In the top of the Ninth with just one run ahead,
There is one name in baseball that the players all dread.
Heís making a list heís checking it twice
He wants to find out whoís naughty and nice.

Why canít it be me that makes them all cower?
MARIANO just once with his squint and his glower.
That I accomplished, that was my plan,
I somehow changed places with that game closer man.

I now wear the pin stripes right under my clothes
and stand ready to end all of those last minute woes-
If anyone blinks and is heard oftí to mutter
Iíll send him a message and give him a cutter.

When men come with beards and funny Red Sox,
Iíll call class in session for the school of hard knocks.
If they come back again I can make matters worse,
Iíll get the Bambino to send them a curse.

I have this secret itís changed my whole life.
Iím Mariano in public and ďMoĒ to my wife.
Iíve earned no great fortune or gained no wide fame
But Iím now a believer in whatís in a name.


















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