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Cool Internet sites

Treasure Island at the Theatre Guild


Cool Internet Sites

Chasing the Sun

This is the companion website to a four-part PBS television series on the history of commercial education. The series, and the website, are based upon Dr. T.A. Heppenheimer's book, “Turbulent Skies.” Heppenheimer, who grew up in Coco Solo, the son of a tool and die maker and a medical secretary, is the one actual rocket scientist to have graduated from Cristobal High. Having taught at Cal Tech, worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, written more than 300 scholarly articles, been a regular contributor to the old Omni Magazine and expounded a controversial theory of how stars form, Heppenheimer's latest book is a history of the Wright brothers and their airplane.


PastryWiz Christmas Desserts

Herein there are links to 50 Christmas pastry recipes from many of the world’s Christian cultures.


Radio Mia news summary

This is a Spanish-language summary of the main stories in Panama's daily newspapers, updated on weekdays. For those of you with limited Spanish, reading this with a good English-Spanish dictionary at your side is a good way to improve your skills.


The origin of HIV immunity

The tale of how, centuries ago, smallpox may have prompted the genetic selection and propagation of a mutation that now confers immunity to the HIV virus that causes AIDS.


Wounaan art at the Los Angeles Folk Museum

At long last, the best of the Wounaan nation's weavers and carvers are getting the recognition they deserve. Along with the recognition, the artists are starting to get better prices for their labor.


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