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It's a Dog's Life

So you might as well enjoy it

Lessons in Assertiveness

by Sparky, the Wonder Dog, a/k/a Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt
edited by P.V. Alvarado

Computer Canine

Dear Dr. Mutt,

As soon as my master leaves for work, I log onto the Internet and surf for hours. I’m a faithful fan of your column in The Panama News online, and the other day I decided to check out your website. I was impressed with your team. That little Chely the Chicken Chaser is one cute canine. How can I get in touch with her? Could I have her email?  

Beagle-eyed in Bethania


Dear Beagle-eyed,

Unfortunately, Chely lives out on a farm in Chepo and does not have an email address, but I’ll pass on your compliments next time I’m out that way.

I must say that it certainly warms my heart to know that someone reads my column, and I am glad you’re impressed with my team. They’re hard workers, and even Clarabelly the Cat does her fair share.











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