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Even if one is not paranoid, it’s hard to pass up a lurid conspiracy theory like this one --- even if they have it all wrong. It’s not the Bohemian Club or Skull & Bones or the Illuminati who are pulling the strings in Washington. It’s an ancient cabal known as the Negligentsia, a bunch of incurable dolts who have been messing things up for millennia. The elite within that elite secret society, the Obliterati, are, in addition to being naturally addle-brained like all other members of the Negligentsia, always stoned out of their gourds on various substances.



Jeet Kune Do Streetfighting


So, you think you can betray The Master and still escape horrible kung fu death, just because you picked up a little bit of crane technique along the way? Now it’s time for you to learn The Way of the Intercepting Fist, the hard way.


So now it seems that at least part of our national soccer scene, FEPAFUT, has its online act together again.


The Syd Barrett Archives


The late composer and musician behind early Pink Floyd classics like “See Emily Play” and “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” recently died of complications from diabetes. Word associations that immediately come to mind include “genius” and “burnout.”



What causes a learning disorder or a learning disability?


In Panama, malnutrition is the most frequent cause but drugs, particularly alcoholic beverages, are also common culprits. But sometimes it’s heredity, sometimes one of nature’s accidents. The sad thing is that these things can usually be worked around with at least partial success, but a “one size fits all” educational system doesn’t help matters, nor does the lack of budget for proper screening in early childhood.


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