Photo by Eric Jackson


Will it be ripe in time?


For those of you who don't know, the citron might seem to be the most useless of all the citrus fruits. There isn't much juice inside, and to the extent that there is any juice the flavor is weak and not all that appealing. It's a bit sour and usually too dry to eat like an orange or a tangerine.


Ah, but the important thing is neither the pulp nor the juice. The thing to do with a citron is to peel it, cut the white part of the peel off of the zest and then candy the zest. No fruitcake is the real thing without candied citron peel.


Now you say that you don't like fruitcake so it doesn't matter whether the citron crop ripens in time for the holidays? Well, that's another issue.


Citron peel, and even the pulp, can also be ingredients in some good marmalades. Usually people don't make pure citron marmalade, but mix it with lemons, limes, oranges or other fruits.








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