El Cangrejo was at one time Panama's main Jewish neighborhood. The principal reminders of those times are the Einstein head sculpture and a nearby street named Via de los Combatientes del Gheto de Varsovia


A walk around El Cangrejo

photos by Eric Jackson


                            The Ten Commandments in Parque Andrés Bello


Punk rock has also left its little marks on the neighborhood, and if

you're into that sort of thing there's also a store to supply your needs...



There are bigger supermarkets around, but this neighborhood institution

is where you go if you cook a lot of your meals in a wok


Notice the third language added to the travel agency sign


One of Panama's better English-language schools is just the other side of the Transistmica


This Chinese Buddhist temple is a relatively recent arrival to El Cangrejo


When the wind blows in the right direction, El Cangrejo can smell the brewery


What an interesting thing they've done to Ludwig van, adding to Via Argentina's

reputation as one of the capital's main restaurant districts


Since the main drag is Via Argentina, it's natural that there would be statues honoring Argentine

heroes like General Belgrano, one of the early Latin American independence fighters


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