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American Society of Panama elections
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Tuesday talk on the art market in Panama
Official Earth Day observance

American Society voting procedures and candidate resumés


To vote, a member must have paid their dues for the year 2007. There is only one vote per membership; a family membership has one vote.


All are encouraged to attend the election night event and cast their vote in  person. Those that cannot attend may vote absentee or by email.


To vote by absentee ballot:


1. Write the names of up to five of the candidates below or

write-in candidates on a letter-size paper.

2. Fold and place the ballot in a sealed envelope.

3. Sign the envelope.

4. Hand deliver the envelope to a member of the Election Committee before April 26, 2007.


Election Committee: Stephen Walling, Robert Emerick, John Beavers, John McTaggart, and David Wilson


To vote by email:


1. Address your email to AND also to

(Please send your ballot to both email addresses so that in case one computer fails your vote will not be lost.)

2. Subject: AmSoc Vote

3. List in your email the names of up to five of the candidates

listed below or write-in candidates.

4. Send the email before noon April 26, 2007.


Remember, only one vote per dues paid membership and five candidates per  ballot maximum. The Absentee Ballots and e-mail ballots will be carried to the election event.


Members running for the board (See the résumés below ):


Ahmed (Ed) Abdel-Ghany

Sergio Davis

Charles Garcia

Eunice Greaves

Marilyn Johnson

Tom Lord

Kathie Mattson

Joe Pulvino

Rita Sosa


The following will be automatically serving the second year of their two-year term: (Do Not Vote For These, they are already elected!) Sandra Abell, Mary Arreaga, John Beavers, Robert Emerick, Cedric Gittens




Ahmed (Ed) Abdel-Ghany

I'm 53 years old, married, father of four. I have a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Cairo, Egypt where I was born. I lived in Holland for 7 years; I worked as a Financial Manager in Qatar and Saudi Arabia for 3 years. I lived in the United States where I have my American Citizenship from 1981. I lived and worked in many cities like Tuscaloosa, AL (where my  brother is a professor of the University of Alabama); Oakland, CA.; New York City, NY; Orlando, FL (where I found my sweet half Katherine who is Panamanian-American in Mickey Mouse House WDW); Kenilworth, NJ; Largo, FL.

I now live in Panama City from July 2005 until now. I'm an investor on the side and still enjoying my early retirement. I have much experience in different fields such as: Accounting, Food and Beverage, Cloth made and  Construction. My children are: Donald 28 lives in Bowling green, OH. Yvonne 25 Las Vegas, NV. Melissa 23 Fort Lauderdale, FL. Eisha 16 Balboa Academy, Panama. I hope this has helped you to know me better.


Sergio Davis

Sergio Davis was born in the Republic of Panama and raised between the US and the former Canal Zone. Having been exposed at an early age to the American Society I am a firm believer in the organization and continuation  of its heritage. Fortunately, four years ago I was given the opportunity to rejoin the American Society as a member and later as an alternate on the board. Up until this date I have participated in the many events our  organization sponsors such as the Christmas event in the Escuela de Los Estados Unidos, American Fair, Christmas Ball, Wine Tastings and El Valle Picnic. It has been a great experience and I hope to continue being able to  serve our community.


Dr. Charles A. Garcia

Dr. Charly Garcia was born in Colon, Panama on 02 April 1944. He is a dual national and attended both Balboa and Cristobal High School's, graduating  from CHS in 1962. He is the son of the former Canal Zone Magistrate, Judge Charles A. Garcia and Elsie Benjamin Rucabado who lives with him in their homes in Panama City and El Valle. He attended St. Louis University  receiving a B.S. degree in 1966 and graduated from St. Louis University Dental School in 1969.

He returned to Panama after graduation and went to work for the Canal Zone Government Health Bureau in 1969 as staff dentist with the Ancon Dental Clinic and then Chief, Dental Service, Coco Solo Hospital in 1973. In 1979 he returned to the Pacific side assigned to the then Gorgas Army Hospital Dental Service as Clinic Supervisor. He retired  from there on 03 Jan. 1997 and commenced working at the US Army dental clinic in Vilseck, Germany on 06 Jan. 1997 as a contract dentist for the US Army. He stayed in that position until returning to Panama in January 2000. 

He presently practices dentistry in Panama City and has a real estate license and is active selling real estate in El Valle de Anton. While working in the Canal Zone he was active in the Civic Councils of both the  Pacific and Atlantic communities serving as Vice President on several occasions. He joined the Navy League Panama Council in 2001 and has been the Vice-President for the last three years. He joined the American Society  in 2001 and has served two consecutive two year terms on the Board of the American Society and held the positions of Corresponding Secretary two years, one year as Assistant Treasurer and currently is the Vice President. 

He organized the Nov. 2006 Gala Silver Anniversary Ball Celebration and has organized the annual El Valle St. Patrick's Day Picnic's for the last 4 years. If elected this will be his 3rd term on the Board.


Eunice A. Greaves

I have been a member of the American Society of Panama since June 1986. I have served on the Board of Directors as Secretary, Treasurer, and Event  Coordinator, Chaired the Annual Christmas Ball, and worked on the Escuela Estados Unidos and the Membership Committees. I took a four (4) year leave of absence and rejoined in October 2003 after my retirement. I am currently  serving as Treasurer. I was appointed by the President, Dr. Wayne Samuels, to assist him in working on our Registration in Panama both in the Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas where we are now registered and appear in  their database as a Non-Profit Organization. I accomplished this by compiling 3 years (2003, 2004 and 2005) financial data and worked closely with an accountant who submitted the reports (I am now working on 2006  update); and the Registro Publico, in this case I am currently working with the lawyer to get our registration corrected and updated from 2004. I am an accomplished administrator having served over 32 years with the US Army in various capacities such as Statistical Analyst, Systems Analyst, Computer Programmer and several others. In these capacities, I have received numerous awards, commendations and certificates of accomplishments.


Marilyn Johnson

I would like to run for a position on the board. I believe that thebusiness and people skills I have acquired in my professional life would be an asset to the American Society. My husband and I have lived full-time inPanama since April 2000 and currently live in Majagual/Veracruz. We livedon the island of Carenero, in Bocas del Toro prior to moving to Majagual last year. While in Bocas del Toro I was the co-owner of Buena VistaRealty, a successful company that established an excellent reputation in itsbusiness dealings. I helped to found and run BESO (Bocas Educational Service Organization), a charity organization established to help needy children andschools on the islands. I was a member of the committee that gathered theinformation and requests, and made decisions for the disbursal of the funds each year. For the annual BESO dinner/auction fund raising event I was in charge of acquiring items and setting up the silent and live auctions as well as participating on the committees for food, ticket sales, publicity, and prior to moving to Panama I was a successful real estate agent in California for 25 years. Overseeing all the aspects involved in a home sale required me to consistently use excellent communication, organizational and problem-solving skills as well the diplomacy that is necessary to work with the various people involved in each transaction. During the last six years that I lived in California I was the organizer for an annual art show featuring approximately 100 artists. I was responsible for all aspects of that event; everything from arranging the date, choosing the artists and designing the invitations to helping the caterer plan the menu and overseeing the  volunteer helpers.


Thomas R. Lord, Jr.

Thomas R. Lord, Jr. (Tom) is currently the Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Department of Latin America/Caribbean.

Hailing from New York, in 2001, Tom retired from the US Air Force with 25 years of service (3 tours and 13 years in Panama). He received his bachelor's degree in social science in 1981 from Florida State University,  Panama Canal Branch and a master's degree in organizational business management from the University of LaVerne in 1988. Tom is an active Life Member in the Air Force Association, Retired Officer Association, Association of the US Army, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Life Member of the Florida State University Alumni Association. While in Panama, Tom has been involved in many community activities to include serving as the President  FSU Alumni Association, Panama Branch from 1995-96, Board Member and President of the American Society of Panama (2002, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005) He is active member of St. Mary's Parish in Balboa. In 2005, Tom and his  wife Mariela were selected as Outstanding Americans in Panama by the US Ambassador. Tom is married to the former Mariela Arauz of Chiriqui, Republic of Panama. They have four children, Shannon, Thomas III, Jorge, and Juan.

Shannon is a contractor in Washington, DC, Thomas is a US Government Contractor in Florida, Juan are enlisted members of the USAF, and Jorge works and lives in Panama. He has two grandchildren, Kevin and Jean Carlo.


Kathie Mattson

Residence: is a retired teacher from Key West, Florida where I owned my own tutoring business for special needs children. Graduate of University of  Minnesota Teacher at the Nepean College in Australia. Former restaurant and resort owner; joined the American Society in 2005 and have been active in most of the functions plus volunteered at the JFK School. I was one of the  Santa's elves at the school in 2005. I am always there to help out in any way I can. I am especially interested in being involved at the schools because Panama's future is dependent upon the education of its youth. I have  a great deal to give, and would do an excellent job as an AMSOC board member.


Joe Pulvino

I am a retired engineer from Florida and Massachusetts. I am a degreed  Aeronautical engineer, plus a licensed Marine engineer and a retired Civil engineer from Key West. Former restaurateur and Italian baker in both states. Joined the American Society in 05 and have been active in most of  the functions and school projects at the JFK school in Las Cumbres. I was one of the Santas at Christmastime at the school in 05. I have been available most of the time when called upon by Dr. Samuels. I am very  interested in the philanthropical aspects as well as the social aspects of AMSOC. I feel that we, as Americans, have a lot to give and to teach the Panamanian people.


Rita S. Sosa

Rita Sosa has been an active member of the American Society since 1975. She served on the Board of Directors from 1990-1996 and from 1999-until present during which time she held the offices of Recording Secretary, Vice  President and Scholarship Chairperson, Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and President, as well chairing the Christmas Charity Ball frequently during her terms in office. Rita is currently finishing the last year of her two-year term on the current board of directors. Most recently she served on the 75th Gala Anniversary Ball committee and was the MC for that event. She also organized and chaired the 2006 Christmas party at the Ambassador's residence. Rita is presently the Academic Dean/Junior High Principal at Balboa Academy. Rita is a member of many community organizations such as the Panama chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an international educational honorary fraternity where she has served as president. She is a member and supporter of the Theatre Guild of Ancon. She attends St Mary's Church in Balboa and sings in their choir as well as serving as a lector. Rita was one of the first recipients of the Outstanding American Awards for Civil Service in 2003. Rita has enjoyed her work with the American Society, and would like to continue taking an active role in the organization.



Also in this section:
American Society of Panama elections
It's a capital offense in China, but Falun Gong exercises and meditates freely here

Cats in search of good homes
Tuesday talk on the art market in Panama
Official Earth Day observance

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