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AEVE's street art fair slide show


The Educators Association of Veraguas (AEVE, by its Spanish initials), one of the country's strongest and most militant labor unions, recently had a street art fair in Santiago, Veraguas. Did they have a political point or two to make? You bet they did. Was it art? That it was, too. This is their slide show of the event.


Bomberos de Panama


The firefighters' official website, in Spanish. It's pretty, but confusing to navigate unless you remember to click on the shields.


Chinese Admiral Discovered America


The Ming Dynasty's Treasure Fleet, commanded by the Muslim eunuch Admiral Zheng He and staffed by international crews, was almost certainly here in Panama 80 years before Columbus touched our shores. Rare old documents and archaeological finds like the remains of a medieval junk found in California suggest this, but if we get more definitive proof it's likely to come in the form of DNA analysis of the remains of livestock or crops that were here before the Europeans and could have only come from Asia. Viewed against the backdrop of Chinese history, the discoveries of Zheng He ought to be taken by Americans as a warning about the anti-intellectual and anti-scientific attitudes of George W. Bush and the religious fanatics among his followers --- great civilizations' great accomplishments can be easily lost when they get imitation ostrich leadership.


Deep Fried Turkey


This is one of the ways that Cajuns do it. It can be a bit expensive in terms of buying or improvising the equipment and all the cooking oil it takes, and you have to be careful because this is one of the easier ways to burn yourself while cooking, but the result, if done right, makes it worthwhile.


Panama's Spanish Heritage


A thumbnail sketch of part of Panama's history by Viva Panama, a group of Panamanians living in Southern California.


Real Panama


This is not another source of gushy hype for real estate in Panama. Quite to the contrary. This is an English and Spanish website about Panama's truly hellish jails and prisons.


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