Two issues of letters due to last time's production woes

Silver People

Recently we have discovered that you've placed our site on your "Cool Internet Sites" list in The Panama News. Thank you very much for taking the time to review our blog and for considering us worthy for listing in
your publication. Again thanks and a happy Web hunting in the New Years!

Story on Obama's and Clinton's Panama connections

It was a fascinating read. Thanks for this.

I love your objectivity.

I, for one, am sending my vote to California where I think it is needed most and will count more than at the DA global primary.

Incidentally, voters registered in California as "Decline to state affiliation" voters can request a Democratic or American Independent Party presidential primary ballot for Super Tuesday.

Take care and thanks again for your great coverage,

Buried an important human rights story
Granted, it was history rather than current events. However, it appears that Bill Phillips's story about his father's and the other military chaplains' role in the liberation of the Japanese "comfort women" was uniquely important for historical purposes, for the Americans as well as the Japanese even though the subject embarrasses both nations. So why did it get stuck in the travel section?

Editor's note: In went into the travel section mainly because I didn't know where else to put it.

Question about an old nuke

The third Corps deactivated nuclear reactor is the mobile reactor, MH-1A, mounted inside the Sturgis, a converted World War II Liberty Ship. The reactor was built in 1966 and went critical in early 1967. The Sturgis, a 45-megawatt power plant, was first harbored at Fort Belvoir for operational testing and training. It was then towed to the Panama Canal Zone where it generated electrical power from 1968 through 1976. The MH-1 was shut down in 1976 and towed to the James River Fleet.

So, where was the Sturgis parked in Panama?

Editor's note: It was moored in Gatun Lake, between the Gatun Locks and the Spillway.

Whither a popular artist?

What has happened to Jorge Dunn? I miss the artist and his normal perch on Avenue Balboa.

Editor's note: That's a good question. If any of you readers know what's up, send me an email and I'll share the information.


Your newspaper is of great interest and it is very convenient to be able to read it on line. There does not seem to be any issues for 2008. Will you continue the online service?
Micheline Stepko

Editor's note: Try the archives now. Production has been a mess, and thanks for this reminder.
Can anyone help?

I write to you asking for your help, as no one else seems to be able to assist. I contacted the US Embassy but they cannot get involved so maybe you can tell me if there is anyone in Panama who can.

I retired in Panama, June 2005 on a Pensionado Tourist Visa at age 63 and bought a raw property near Volcan using a lot of my cash savings to pay for it. I was issued a title by the Registry Publico and then proceeded to build a road to gain access in order to build my retirement home. Within two days of working on the land I was told to get off the land as it belonged to the Sitton Coffee family. My lawyer and I met with Mrs. Sitton and her lawyer where she produced a title issued in the 1970s so since her title was first, she went to the courts and had the government REVOKE my title.

In September 2005 I sued the people who sold me the land in an effort to recover my loss. My lawyer was successful in having the court attach their bank account, which had enough money in it to make me whole. I have had three law firms review my case file and all agree that it is a clear case of fraud as the people who sold me the land had paid someone in the government office to give them a title. The proof in the case was submitted to the court in June 2007 but the problem is this:

The secretary of the court tells my lawyer that the judge may get around to looking at my case and make a resolution late this year but probably not until 2009. My lawyer tells me that the judge could read my file and issue a resolution in less than half a day. I am out of pocket nearly $40,000 with the purchase and expenses so as you can imagine this has had a great effect on my life as a retired person living on a fixed income. If the judge does not rule until 2009 and then the thieves have the right of appeal, this could put me at age 70 before I would get my money returned. The price of land has increased at least 300% so even if he ruled in my favor today I could not afford to buy other land in that area and enjoy what is left of my life.

This type of negative publicity could have an effect on many who wish to come here as tourist or retirees so if I cannot get some help soon I may be forced to tell my story to all web sites who promote the good life in Panama. This is a beautiful country but things like this need to be addressed and handled in a competent and prompt manner. What affect would the removal of $40,000 cash from your assets have on your life?

My case is in David, Juzgado Quinto del Circuito de Chiriqui, case 0612-151
Judge Rafael Eduardo Castillo Gill
William Rodney Burrall vs Hector Manuel Santamaria and William Alexis Cervantes.

Any assistance you can lend will be greatly appreciated. I await your reply.
William R Burrall

Editor's note: A bit of publicity about what's going on may help move the case, or may not. Your story may also help someone avoid the same trap. And isn't it amazing how our police and prosecutors take fraud against foreigners as a laughing matter rather than a serious crime?

Finding an old friend

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Randall Fitzgerald, of Georgia USA. I was TDY in Panama back in 1998. While there I met a young lady by the name of Tamara Arthur. We stayed in touch for a while and then I lost contact with her. She used to work at a hair salon called "The Look," I am writing to see if you might be able to assist me in contacting her.
I can be reached via email at mrfitz31@yahoo.com
Randall Fitzgerald

Looking for his son

Hi, my name is Calvin Freeman and I'm looking for my son Marcus Freeman. His mother's name is Ada Campbell and she lives in Colon, Panama.

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