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Lessons in Assertiveness

by Sparky, the Wonder Dog, a/k/a Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt
edited by P.V. Alvarado

Bargain Biscuits


Dear Dr. Mutt,

My master prides himself on being economical, but sometimes he carries this to extremes. Take yesterday, for instance. On our way back from our afternoon walk, we stopped for a “look-see” at the local dollar store. He bought lots of junk as usual, but he was proudest of the bushel of dog biscuits he got at a bargain. When we got home, he rewarded me with a sample of his prized purchase. No crunch, no munch! I don’t suppose he even bothered to check the expiration date on the package. Are all masters such cheapskates?

Fed up in Felipeville


Dear Fed up,

No, not all masters are such cheapskates, probably just yours!


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