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It's a Dog's Life

So you might as well enjoy it

Lessons in Assertiveness

by Sparky, the Wonder Dog, a/k/a Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt

edited by P.V. Alvarado

Doggie Depression

Dear Dr. Mutt,

My life is humdrum. I’m up in the morning with the garbage truck, then I do my rounds along the fence, then I bark good-bye to the master. For the rest of the day I drink lots of water and take a long nap. When the master returns, I bark a big greeting, then we go for a walk around the neighborhood, and then it’s back inside the yard for supper, then off to bed. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to sing to the moon, but that’s only once in a while.

Is this all there is to life, Dr. Mutt? I feel there is something missing. What could it be?

Despondent in Derango


Dear Despondent,

Though we cannot reach the depths of understanding, life is not for the foolhardy. It may seem humdrum if you allow it to be, but the drum in the hum can change its beat. It all depends on the drummer and that drummer is you. What you have is repetition, a daily routine. You mention that you go for a daily walk. While on that walk, try to find something unique – a flower, a tree, a bone perhaps – anything to make your walk distinctive.

If you do this, your life will take on a new focus – the search for difference, and in this search you may or may not find the meaning of life, but you will certainly have fun in the attempt.

And if I might add, you are most fortunate in that your master takes you out of your fenced-in area. There are many of us who must live our lives encircled by a cyclone fence. For this blessing, you should be truly grateful.

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