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Volume 14, Number 22
November 26, 2008


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What’s Happening Here?
Understanding Energy, Spirit and 2012

Course teaches metaphysics, mysticism, and preparation for “The Shift”

High Spirits Incorporated announces its second course at Exedra Books, starting Saturday, November 29.

The course, titled “What’s Happening Here? Understanding Energy, Spirit and 2012,” will help participants understand the global economic crisis, and rapid changes in their personal lives, as part of an energetic shift benefiting humanity and the planet.

People recognize that life seems to be speeding up, and the world seems more chaotic all the time,” said instructor Susan Rensberger, announcing the course. “These are symptoms of a larger change that has been predicted for millennia, which is often represented as the end of the world. Of course, that generates a lot of fear.

When we understand that both what we see and what we don’t --- the material and spiritual realms --- are all just energy, this helps us understand “the shift” as an evolution into a higher rate of vibration. This ‘end’ is really just a change in form that will result.”

The course will introduce students to their energy bodies, explain how thought and feeling affects both the physical and energetic aspects of life, and teach ways to access spiritual energy for healing and growth.

During the four weekly classes, participants will learn:

  • How energy functions in the spiritual and physical aspects of reality;

  • How the left and right sides of the brain work differently to perceive and analyze reality;

  • How to connect with the spiritual radiance available within the energy body;

  • How prayer and meditation can help heal emotional and physical pain, and improve relationships;

  • The five stages of spiritual growth that enable us to perceive our spiritual selves, or souls;

  • Energetic and spiritual changes that are starting now worldwide; and

  • Symptoms experienced during the process of accelerating vibration or “shifting.”

The course will draw upon excerpts from books by spiritual teachers and writers including Eckhart Tolle, Ron Roth, John Welwood, and Itzhak Bentov, as well as information from instructor and author Susan Rensberger.


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