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Volume 14, Number 22
November 26, 2008


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Great weather --- if you're a lime tree

Some of us like the height of rainy season, and not all of us who do are plants. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but despite all of the dangers and inconveniences that can come with heavy rains, a tropical cloudburst can be quite a natural glory to behold.

If you don't know Panama but think you might want to get to know us, you should come down here without illusions, so that you won't leave disillusioned.

There is a lot of hype on the Internet that's designed to sell you real estate and which paints a deceptive picture of Panama. The purveyors of such stuff tend to denigrate The Panama News --- and all genuine news media --- for being "too negative." See, we report on Panama as it is, so we don't show you a nation of affluent blondes, scrupulously honest business people and a highly efficient and well respected government, set on an isthmus that never has inclement weather. We're not selling you the next stop on your suburban white flight to the paradise where "it can't happen here."

We are, however, reporting the news from a corner of paradise, a country where the rainstorms are beautiful, the limes are sour and you can grow all the vitamin C you need in your back yard.

Photo by Eric Jackson


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