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Volume 15, Number 3
February 11, 2009


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Don Bosco Procession
photos by José F. Ponce

Panama is a more than 80 percent Catholic country, and one of its favorite saints is the late Giovanni Bosco. Better known as Don Bosco, the 19th century Italian priest founded the Salesian Society, a Catholic organization that included both clerics and lay people and was originally dedicated to the education of kids from disadvantaged families.

Panama's best known vocational high school, Artes y Oficios, is now a public school but was originally a Salesian project. Don Bosco, whose ministry included entertaining people with magic tricks, juggling and music, is the patron saint of schoolchildren, apprentices, street and stage performers and newspaper editors and publishers.

January 31 is Don Bosco Day and Panama City always marks the event with what is usually its biggest religious event of the year, the Don Bosco Procession.


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