It is the way…

not smart to mess with Chop Psaki
In THIS violent video tweet — we have not set up the video to watch, but if that’s your pleasure you can look it up — GOP Representative Paul Glosar of Arizona not only fantasizes about beheading his colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz., but also fantasizes about going after President Biden with swords. Used to be, any such suggestion of violence against a US president would bring on an unfriendly visit from the Secret Service. The video was watched by more than three million people in the first 24 hours after it was posted. Surely some of those viewers are armed, dangerously crazy and prone to doing foolish things that are suggested to them.

It is the Way of The Ninja…

Also, the traditions of the US House of Representatives. Whether you want to look at the norms of House decorum or the Code of Bushido, there are stern penalties that may be imposed for Paul Glosar’s adolescent murder fantasies about leaders of the party he opposes.

But the serene Buddha has a better way, a Middle Path. Register, vote, and if possible remove Glosar at the next opportunity. Even if his district is so gerrymandered that he can’t be defeated, trounce his party so badly that his status among his colleagues is reduced from annoying pest to irrelevant outcast.



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