Rich soil, starting from zero

soil comparisons
Poor soil (left), rich soil (right)

Rich soil, starting from zero

by John Douglas

Our great friend Carla mentioned that some folks do not know where to start when they want to make compost or just compost in place.

First, Lazy and Free are the main starting points.

Then chop and drop.

Do not worry about compost except in a vegetable garden.

Take a walk on the wild side. What do you see in the jungle? I saw Mother Nature dropping leaves, branches and giant trunks. Then she went to the hammock and opened a cold one.

Think about it.

Holes are your friends. Throw your scraps into little ones, big ones, round ones, long ones. If the material, such as kitchen scraps, might attract black hat types, cover it.

Moving on to the bigger and better.

Cleaning up and trimming your bushes is more fun when your fruit trees smile at you and you hear them purring.

Where there is smoke, there probably is fertilizer.

It is waiting to be hauled to your place to be put around trees, at the drip line, or dumped in holes.

Mother Nature told me….

When you burn your leaves, you burn your money.

All those living fences you drive by are just waiting to give you rich and black soil. Balo not only fixes nitrogen but it repels and, when foliar fed, kills bugs.

We chopped and dropped the leaves, branches and trunks of the almacigo. The peeling red bark over a green trunk reminded me of a tourist in the Panama sun. Sunburned or not, it grew us a 63-pound yuca and a bunch of 20-pounders.


Most importantly, do NOT think about it, DO IT.

Go thee out and grow thee rich black soil.

We are looking for a variety of papaya seeds for a park project in Panama City.

Don Perezoso = The Lazy Farmer … THE SECRET IS IN THE GARBAGE

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