George Scribner: new paintings, a calendar and upcoming events



Gorgona beach
Waiting for the tide in Gorgona.

New work by George Scribner

George Scribner, a senior artist with Disney, hails from the old Canal Zone and still maintains close ties to Panama. This is some of his more recent and upcoming work.


"Henry and Debbie" -- the wife and grandson walking.
“Henry and Debbie” — the wife and grandson walking.


new locks gate
“Agaralo bien” — work on the Panama Canal expansion.


Paris in February.


“The Surveyor” — another take on the PanCanal expansion.


The 2016 George Scribner Calendar, a benefit for his grandsons’ college fund. You can order them via


Upcoming events: Scribner will be doing a one day Painting the Figure in a Landscape workshop at the Buenaventura Art association in Ventura in March 2016. He will also be doing an intermediate to advanced painting workshop at BMAI in Montrose in January 2016. If you have any interest in any of these just contact him by email.
Next summer Scribner is an invited speaker at the Canal Zone Reunion in Orlando.
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