Reborning, now at the Ancon Theater

Starring Valerie Troncoso, Keitha Kushner and Rob Getman, directed by Malky Zebede. This show goes on at the Theatre Guild’s playhouse next to the DIJ in Ancon on January 16 and 16, 21-23 and 28-30. All shows at 8 p.m.

Zayd Dohrn’s acclaimed turn for the weird

Are you sufficiently jaded so that latex love holds no attraction for you? Is Alice Cooper quaintly stale stuff from another generation? Do the deceptive video montages of the born-agains who style themselves as “pro-life” fail to excite you? Zayd Dohrn may have written just the play for you. There will be plenty of seats at the Ancon Theater for this dark dramatic comedy about two artists who make creepy dolls and their even more bizarre customers. This play is an LA Times Critics’ Choice, nominee for the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award and winner of the ENCORE! Producer’s Award.


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