The problem with Panama…

A recent ACP forum on this country’s future as a logisics hub was these people talking…

Panama’s big problem

as shown by these photos from the ACP magaine, El Faro

These photos come from a logistics forum in January, but now that the discussion has turned toward damage control in the wake of the Panama Papers leaks, we see comparable scenes. Mostly to limit embarrassment but also as a function of Latin America’s concepts of race that are markedly different from those in the USA, the censuses here do not take data on race. Most Panamanians are of mixed race. White people are a small minority, 10 percent or less depending on how one wants to define the concept. But among those who are consulted and who make the decisions regarding our nation’s economic future….

... to this audience. Photos by the ACP / El Faro.
… to this audience. Photos by the ACP / El Faro.


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