Boff, Amidst the present darkness


BoffAmidst the present darkness open
yourself to the Light from the Highest

by Leonardo Boff

After weeks of political turbulence, dominated by dense clouds of distortions, the desire to destroy and visceral rage, but fortunately with some flashes of light, we write this meditation about the Light. For cosmologists, light is still an impenetrable mystery. We only have the barest understanding of it, as waves and particles.

Independently of the question about the nature of light, we profess a firm belief that the Light has more force than darkness. The small flame of a match is enough to ban darkness from a whole room.

That is what has moved us to courteously and reverently publish this small reflection.

From the depths of the universe emanates a mysterious Light. It touches our head, exactly where we have the hard section that separates the right side of the brain from the left. This separation is the source of our dualities, feelings on one side and thinking on the other, on one side the analytical ability and on the other, our capacity for synthesis. On one side. our sense of objectivity, and on the other, subjectivity; on one side the world of the ends and on the other the universe of meaning an spirituality.

The beatific Light from the Highest suspends the division of our brains and creates a union. We think lovingly and love thoughtfully. We work at writing poems. We combine art with leisure, but with a condition: that we open ourselves completely to the Light from the Highest.

  • Welcome the mysterious Light that runs through all the universe and comes to you! Let it run through your whole body, through your head, your eyes, lungs, heart, intestines, and genitals. Let it descend through your legs, detain it in the knees, and hold it for a moment in your feet, because your feet support you.
  • And rise with the Light, passing through your whole body, guide her once again to your heart, so that from there the good feelings of love and compassion come to you. Have her rise to the center of your head, to what we call the third eye. She will bring you brilliant thoughts. Finally, let her rest on the top of your head.
  • From there the Light will fill your whole body with light. And it will open you up to the whole universe, giving you the sensation of being one with the Whole. The dualities will be overcome, you will have the blessed experience of the original unity of everything that exists and lives. You will know the peace that is the integration of the parts into the Whole and the Whole in the parts. And from you will emanate a light like that of the first moment of creation. You will know, at least for an instant, what it is to be happy in plenitude.
  • Finally, be grateful for the transforming presence of the Light from the Highest. Let her go towards the womb of the Mystery whence she came.
  • Listen also to this advice: Be always prepared to welcome the light, because she never stops coming. And if less than your whole being has been opened, the light will pass you by and you, curiously, will feel empty, sensing a lack of significance and meaninglessness.
  • When you welcome the most blessed Light you will always irradiate goodness and benevolence. And everyone will feel good by your side.
  • Open yourself totally to the Light until you yourself shall fully become light.


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