Democrats Abroad Panama board meets Saturday at the Balboa Yacht Club

DAP 2016
From the wilderness into the towns — or will it be the other way around? This year Democrats intend to be everywhere, including in places and among social scenes where we haven’t been before. Just about everyone in Panama and in the rest of Latin America knows what a disaster a Trump presidency would be for us. It’s up to Democrats Abroad to get the US citizens in our communities — including Panama’s dual citizens and naturalized Americans — registered and voting to head off that calamity.

Democrats Abroad – Panama board of directors meeting
Saturday, August 13 from 1-2 p.m. — socializing afterward
at the Balboa Yacht Club on the Amador Causeway

Our board meetings are open and this one is an important opportunity for rank-and-file Democrats who want to get involved in this year’s general election campaign

Meeting Topics
(board members can add new business, but we do have a full plate)
1. Our next member sendout for voter registration.
2. Weekly press releases (bilingual)
3. Setting up committees
4. Contact list for visits to schools and debates
5. Outreach to local NGos for voter registration
6. Polo shirts, buttons, etc.
7. Meet with US Ambassador to coordinate our voter registration and support their outreach.

Reminder: Americans vote from abroad by absentee ballot, generally in the place where they last resided in the USA. Each state has different election laws. Some states are still having primaries but getting into September the state deadlines to register to vote and order your ballot start coming up. Federal law now requires voters living abroad to re-register to vote every election year. To look up the deadlines in the state where you vote, click here.


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