Grayson, Another DNC email leak

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Disgraced former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is facing a tough primary challenge by law professor Tim Canova, didn’t want to take a position on a Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative during the August 14 candidate’s debate. The following day more DNC emails were leaked, indicating how on her shift at the head of the Democratic Party her and the “official” Democratic positions were prompted by the donations and pressures of the alcohol industry. The next day Wasserman Schultz changed her position on marijuana. Caricature based on a photo from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s congressional web page.

Another day, another DNC leak

by Alan Grayson

Another day, another Democratic Party leak. Today’s leak includes internal party documents assessing congressional primaries. Guess what? The “party of the people” favors conservatives. And rich self-funders. And businessmen over people engaged in community service. Further, the party never hesitates to throw its weight around in such races, to bury the progressive candidates.

Sound familiar?

We cannot let corrupt party bosses dictate Democratic Party nominees. That choice belongs to us, not them.

Here’s what’s really going on:

Merge — watch the corporate puppets in both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party try to wipe out all dissent, and merge into one callous, monopolistic Big Money Party, remaking America into a land of cheap labor and debt slavery.

Purge — but before they can do that, the Democratic Party much perform a soul-ectomy, ridding itself of anyone dedicated to justice, equality, compassion and peace, so that we can all worship the God Mammon together.

Surge — and the only way that progressives — people with a head and a heart — can prevent that bloodless coup within the un-Democratic Party is to come together, and support progressive Democrats wherever and whenever we can. Especially when progressive Democrats are pitted against party tools and hacks. We have to show the party bosses that we’re the real bosses.

We. Can. Win.


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