Citizens Against Impunity, The January 25 demonstration and beyond


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The January 25 demonstration and beyond

by Citizens Against Impunity

The citizen participation in the rally and march convened by the Citizens Against Impunity was broad, determined and expressive of the growing discontent that exists in light of the corruption promoted by Odebrecht and its local associates.

As is expected, there has been a desire to disqualify and discredit citizens’ participation against the prevailing impunity, and thus avoid the necessary transparency and rendering of accounts by those authorities obliged to do by to the citizenry. The cry for justice is reborn at the national level and will be silenced by neither ominous and divisive voices nor by governmental juggling of distractions and demagoguery.

Panama demands the immediate exit of Odebrecht and its bribers from the country, with the guarantee of job security for those Panamanians who work for that bribing company.

Panama cries out for the whole truth, whoever may fall, of all the corruption promoted by Odebrecht from its arrival in this country in 2006 until now.

Panama repudiates selective justice and the deception that would have us believe that only a small group of functionaries have been involved in the acts of corruption.

Panama demands the creation of a judicial commission against corruption and impunity, with the participation of independent Panamanian citizens with sufficient moral authority to begin the investigations that may arise.

We call upon all compatriots, without distinction, to join in this movement in defense of our rights and our funds, to unite against this terrible larceny that has been perpetrated against the Panamanian people.


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