Bernal, Aggravated corruption with Odebrecht

jail to the chief
Take them away! A long march toward justice has just barely begun. Photo by Eric Jackson.

Aggravated corruption with Odebrecht

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

From day one when the criminal mega-business that is Odebrecht set foot in our country, it not only knew what would come. It also know how and through whom it would act to reach its despicable objectives.

By 2006 they had developed and accumulated experience not only in their country of origin but also in other latitudes, where they acted the same. Here they came and stayed. They found a whole legal, financial and economic system fit for their purposes. And, like other transnational companies before and after them, they had previously done a study of the psychological features of the power brokers in Panama.

They knew then, as it is said, where the locust sleeps. The locust that in Panama has had a particular mutation that, when crossed with piranhas and termites, has resulted in a new hybrid, an instrument for enhanced corruption, for a gradual conditioning.

Thus during two administrations they were given all kinds of luxuries and managed to mount a whole constellation to run operate with impunity and plunder the Panamanian people of everything they wanted and could steal.

Early on they did and undid things to give themselves the royal and holy victory, with the collusion, by acts or omissions, of three governments that one after another lent the country and lent themselves for the modern plundering of our pockets. The Ali Babas were fueled by impunity, which helped them to further consolidate.

Today, the Panamanian people have yet to recover from the looting of the national coffers by the local bosses and their party machines, and haven’t even been able to measure the damage that this has meant and will mean for our national dignity and our international status.

But the dance of millions continues, given that so far there is no real will on the part of the authorities and of important national sectors to put a definitive end to this.

Thus the Citizens March of January 25, like the upcoming vigil on Wednesday, February 8, are just a footstep on the long road to be traveled.


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