March for Science, April 22 on Amador

Originally called by scientists in the United States to protest against gag orders that ban references to climate change issued by the new Trump administration and by various state and local governments and school boards, the March for Science coincides with Earth Day and has blossomed into a worldwide event.

March for Science in Panama

Plans are still being made and the coalition is still assembling, but mark your calendars for Saturday, April 22 if you believe that science is something worth defending. Already scientists of various nationalities who are working in Panama, health care professionals, advocates of secular government, environmentalists and proponents of sex education in Panama’s schools have joined to call for the local version of the March for Science. Details of the hour and specific assembly place are still being worked out, as will be speakers and other activities. Much depends on who else joins and what they have to offer.

For information on the event that is being updated between now and then, visit the march on Facebook. If you agree, help spread the word by the means at your disposal.

The first aim of the march is to connect people in Panama with the advances in science that are ongoing here. The particular goals are to:

  • Emphasize science for the common benefit of society;
  • Advance the state of scientific education;
  • Have more open and honest public discussion about science; and
  • Have government regulations and policies that are based upon sound scientific evidence.


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