MIREN, Get rid of corruption without foreign intervention

MIREN secretary general Juan Jované talks to the non-corporate press. Archive photo by MIREN.

We have to eradicate corruption
without foreign intervention

by the Independent Movement for National Refoundation (MIREN)

Panama is a sovereign country, such that we, its citizens, are obliged to fight tenaciously to combat corruption that’s caused by a system that puts lucre and rapine before the welfare of the population. Our problems should be resolved by Panamanians. We can’t pretend that institutions that have offended our country, like the OAS, or with their rigged dialogues have deceived our population, like the UN Development Program has, can now appear as our means of salvation.

We need to unite our people to refound the nation — this is our only road to a decent country. An independent commission of Panamanians of probity who are committed to national sovereignty should be constituted, and they might use international assistance.


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