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Odebrecht: what do we know
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Donor lists — is there a link to those that have been published?

Varela is saying that he will post his stuff on the Panameñista Party website. But it includes all of these opaquely anonymous corporations whose principals are by and large not readily identifiable.

Jované says he will release his when he gets the data back from the Electoral Tribunal. But didn’t he give them that information in the first place?

Juan Carlos Navarro says that he will release his data only after everyone else does, which probably means that he won’t. Haven’t heard from FAD or CD, or the smaller parties like MOLIRENA or the Partido Popular. Or anything about who backed Martinelli’s ringer independents, or Gerardo Solís when he was running as an independent.

Also the norm is many of the same donors will donate to all candidates so it’s win-win for them later when they need favors.

Well, there are nasty things that one might truthfully say about Pedro Miguel González and the party that he leads, but he’s absolutely in tune with the nation’s interests about banning all corporate campaign contributions.


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