After the rain

The first tiny little loofah of the season. If it survives the bugs and the elements to get big enough to eat, should it be grown bigger and too fibrous to eat in order to provide the seeds for the next crop?

Rainy season gets underway in Cocle

photos and captions by Eric Jackson

a street that nobody wants named after themself or anyone they like
A street on which none of the residents own cars — but some ride horses.


The bamboo, having shed some of its leaves in the dry season and somewhat depleted from a little construction project, will come back to its old glory with a bit of rain.


back porch
Just in case the water system goes down again, part of the runoff from the roof gets collected. These are some of the smaller containers. Let’s see if the papaya seeds germinate in the cans.


sensitive plant
One of the many species of mimosa, this one has especially large thorns.


herbal cure
Will this rainy season bring tropical fevers? Cecropia leaves are medicinal for those.


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