Turner, A brand new chapter for Our Revolution


Nina Turner, the new president of Our Revolution

The Our Revolution Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of a new president. Our Revolution is dedicated to the mission and founding principles of the political revolution started by Senator Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Nina Turner, the former Ohio State Senator and Our Revolution Board Member, is set to take the helm and lead the organization to the next phase of success and growth. Since 2016, Our Revolution has expanded to hundreds of local groups that are building a national progressive movement through grassroots organizing, electing progressive candidates and passing ballot initiatives.

Outgoing President Jeff Weaver provided leadership during the infancy stages immediately following the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential bid in an effort to capture and expand the momentum nationwide.

“We appreciate Jeff’s hard work, vision and leadership both on the campaign and as we launched Our Revolution,” said Larry Cohen, Our Revolution Board Chair. “We are thankful for the work Jeff has done and look forward to his next project. We’re thrilled that our Board Member and progressive champion Nina Turner will be our new president. Nina is a well known and inspiring voice in the progressive movement and we look forward to her bringing that energy into her new role.”

“It has been extremely satisfying to see Our Revolution grow into the effective progressive grassroots organization it has become,” said former President Jeff Weaver. “From chapters springing up nationwide to incredible successes moving the nation forward — particularly in helping to elect local and state legislative candidates, reforming the Democratic Party and in resisting the disastrous Trump agenda, I’m proud of the work we have accomplished together. I know that under Senator Turner’s leadership, Our Revolution will have even more success in the future. And I look forward to working with her and the Our Revolution team to create an America that’s great for everyone.”

“I am grateful to Jeff Weaver for his leadership and I look forward to continuing to work with him, the Board, staff and affiliates in order to move our country forward by advancing a progressive agenda that lifts all Americans,” added Our Revolution President and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.

Offering a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity, Senator Turner is a captivating orator who puts political and social trends into an unparalleled perspective. Most recently a progressive leader and minority whip in the Ohio Senate, she is a college professor, motivational speaker, frequent media commentator, and author.

Senator Turner has worked in leadership at the Ohio Democratic Party and as an elected member of the Cleveland City Council — both opportunities that demonstrated her ability to unify opposing ideologies in critical circumstances. Turner is also a highly sought after public speaker who has traveled across North America to inspire action and instill hope in crowds of more than 20,000 for bold causes like labor, women’s reproductive health, voting rights, and income inequality. Her gifted speech-making and commitment to progressive ideals led her to be the Democratic candidate for Ohio’s Secretary of State in 2014 and more recently a national surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders during the tumultuous 2016 Democratic presidential primary.


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