Bernal, The veil comes off

Join the Young Kleptocrats and someday you, too, might get your palms seriously greased. Photo by the Asamblea Nacional.

The veil comes off

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

The unveiling during the session of the Assembly of Deputies last July 1, can not be overlooked. It was an act of bribed despotism to satisfy the voracious appetite of the ruling kleptocracy.

None of those present during the farce can give any excuse whatsoever to justify their behavior, whether by act or by omission. The country’s political caste ended up showing its true face notwithstanding any personal or partisan consideration.

The many similarities between the slave relationship and that of the rulers with the governed, described by Aristotle (384-322 BC) in his work Politics, emerged with renewed splendor in the legislative chamber.

From his adulterated presidentialism, Varela played despot with the members of the legislature. These, in turn, more than showing off he payments that are already known, confirmed their addiction to scholasticism and their aversion to the sovereignty of reason. Without further effort, their actions injured creditors, with civic aversion and non-reelection to come.

Inebriated, more by power than by the seco his family makes, the Varelistsa and their families, political relatives, fellow party members, followers, bribe-takers, social climbers, fanatics and the rest, brought us live and in full color their defiance, arrogance and abusive pride.

This they did, but not alone. The unveiling was collective, because all parties took a hand to ensure “one for all and the all for one,” required for the new sessions to which the ineptocracy and kleptocracy will treat us until December.

Meanwhile, devoid of control mechanisms, they incubate more and more resentments, disappointments and frustrations among the citizenry. People don’t know what to do about the high cost of living, lack of medicines, growing legal insecurity, organized crime, Odebrecht’s impunity, lack of transportation, mediocre education, high-ranking public servants who take bribes and nepotism. It’s all set up so that benighted despotism advances in its task of ethical, moral, political and social destruction, so that they, and only they, can partake of the honey of power.


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