Editorials; Say WHAT, Procuradora? and Dreamers

There are regular procedures for those who threaten a prosecutor. Photo by the Policia Nacional.

Say WHAT, Señora Porcell?

Attorney General Kenia Porcell, seeing obviously guilty public figures from the old regime walk because they ran out calendars on the statutes of limitations, complains that more high profile cases may be lost because powerful people, including some who apparently control news media, are threatening the prosecutors of the Public Ministry that she heads.

Does she expect any understanding, or any sympathy? To get any real understanding she needs to name the people who made threats, identify any news media involved, say what these threats were, and name the people who were threatened. Sympathy will be harder to come by, as there is a worldwide norm for people who make threats against those charged with enforcing the law in order to thwart the rule of law. Ordinarily, people who do that get taken to the guardhouse in cuffs.



Taking advantage of a Labor Day weekend, a lot of public incomprehension, some attitudes that in some but not all cases operate by multiple standards about the rule of law, the resentments of many Americans who are financially ruined and large dollop of ordinary racism, Donald Trump has announced that he will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA, or Dream Act) policy. This could mean the deportation of some 800,000 people who came to or stayed in the United States illegally as children. Mostly Mexicans or Central Americans, the United States is the only country that many of them know. Some have served honorably in the US Armed Forces. Many have studied hard and excelled in various fields, to which they are contributing to the fabric of the American culture and economy. Mr. Trump says that he will delay action for six months to allow a Congress to review the situation, but knowing well that this Congress is unlikely to act.

Set aside all of the usual arguments. Social Security is not about to go belly-up, but it does have a longer-term demographic problem. The US birth rate isn’t high enough to grow enough contributing workers to keep the system healthy throughout the rest of this century. We need immigrants working and contributing to the system to do that. It just makes no economic sense to deport the Dreamers.


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