Caveat emptor: Veraguas real estate pitch


“We have selected seven properties”

video pointed out by Miguel Antonio Bernal, note by Eric Jackson

“We have selected.” Not “we own?” Not “we have title?” Not “we have title legally obtained?”

What we see here is one of these “BUY NOW!” pitches aimed at naive foreigners who have no knowledge of Panama’s protected natural areas, history of corrupt land grabs that have often been set aside, constitutional reservation of the beaches as public property, indigenous land rights and true real estate scene without the money laundering stuff.

No doubt there are beautiful areas on and around the Caribbean coast of Veraguas, and it’s true that there are road building plans and some roads have been built. It’s not true that there is easy and ordinary access to drive to these areas. It’s also not true that these spots on the map, which include protected wildlife areas that are part of the Meso-American Corridor, can readily and legally be developed.


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