New work by George Scribner

“A la Central” – 11″ x 14″ – Just off Avenida Central in Panama City.

New work by George Scribner

paintings and lessons by the renowned Panagringo artist / Disney imagineer

Saludos amigos,

A few new paintings from the last couple months and a painting tip.

I’m happy to say my paintings have been accepted at where some of these are available for sale.

Enjoy and thanks for looking,



“Nos Fuimos!” 8″ X 10” – SOLD – This is actually a combination of two shots. I spent quite a bit of time in Photoshop recomposing the image before I painted it.



“Los Tres Canaleros” – 36″ X 72″ – Three ships heading southbound in Miraflores Lake in the Panama Canal. Painted for Galeria Habitante in Panama City, Panama.


Simplifying shapes in a painting:

A little exercise I did for one of my workshops. Painting from photographs is tough – there is so much detail you’re not sure where to start. The idea is to identify the simplest shapes possible then add detail later.


Here’s another example. A simple trick to help eliminate detail is to squint at the photograph. If the shape or detail disappears then combine it with a larger shape or drop it altogether.

Museo del Canal de Panama

For those of you in Panama (or thinking of going!) the Museo del Canal de Panama in the Casco Viejo is currently exhibiting paintings that were done by a group of Panamanian artists (including myself) for the Panama Canal expansion. Enjoy!


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