Bernal, The possible future



The possible future

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

Those of us who fight for the future are always obstructed by those who try nothing

The arrival of a new year should strengthen our resolve to get Panama, once and for all, into a true process of convening a constituent assembly as an instrument of the people’s imperative democratic demands.

Panama is ever more socially fragmented, with an aggravated political incompetence on the part of the ruling cliques. The limitations on civic actions, the growing concerns and the political opportunism will continue to sink the existing constitutional norms. It’s reinforced by regressive election laws designed to favor party leaders and an oligarchic takeover of electoral politics.

It’s not easy for those who want to be everyday citizens. With the absence of common goals, in which the more power one has the more one can do, allows, by way of manipulations, them to steal our yesterdays, keep us from having to day and so they wish not allow us to reach tomorrow.

That is why, fed up as we are with traditional politics, in which corruption and impunity allow corrupt people to deny us the possible future to which we are entitled, we must act decisively to make the necessary changes outside of an environment of emergency and crisis. We cannot turn our backs to the globalized world, let alone condone the violence that the mediocre people who govern seek to impose.

In Panama democracy has not achieved the institutional performance necessary for a modern society. This is due to a desire to sink the elevation of the quality of our public life into the most despicable electoral criteria. This means that political patronage structures allow those in power to continue without being accountable, without being transparent and bereft of any democratic sense.

The future is possible if we divest ourselves, once and for all, of the persistent urge to introduce corrections, reforms, amendments, revisions and / or patches to a failed constitution.


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