Carnival casualties

burnout time
Just a little Carnival Monday fire on the seventh floor of the Avesa Building, where the server on the computer center for the anti-corruption, drug and organized crime prosecutors handle their electronic information. We are told to believe that everything is OK. Photo from Twitter.

Carnival count

According to the government, there were:

  • 0 deaths in the Carnival areas or going to or from
  • 163 Carnival related injuries
  • 506 traffic accidents
  • 13,077 traffic citations issued
  • 152,000 cars that went from the city to the Interior
  • 400,000 people who took buses from Albrook to the Interior
  • 19 rescues by SINAPROC

… plus they had this little Carnival Monday fire of mysterious origin at the Avesa building, on its seventh floor which houses prosecutors and forensic scientists. We are are assured that nobody was hurt and nothing much lost – JUST THE SERVER ON WHICH THE ANTI-CORRUPTION, DRUG AND ORGANIZED CRIME PROSECUTORS STORE AND MOVE THEIR ELECTRONIC INFORMATION FILES.


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