Danilo Pérez Foundation lends a hand to distressed neighbors

First things first
Among the first necessities: mattresses on which to sleep.

Danilo Pérez Foundation delivers cash and other aid to Casa Boyaca fire victims

note and photo by the Danilo Pérez Foundation

The Danilo Pérez Foundation has announced the distribution of cash to famililes left homeless in the Casa Boyaca fire which happened this past February 21 in the corregimiento of San Felipe.

The money will be distributed on Saturday, March 17 at 1:30 p.m. at the Danilo Pérez Foundation headquarters (located on the first floor of the old Conservatorio, contiguous to the Casco Viejo’s Plaza Herrera). It adds up to $6,418.00, the product of small donations by hundreds of citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations that answered the call for assistance by the foundation, and also the proceeds of the March 1 “Gran Concierto de Jazz para Boyacá” at Villa Agustina.

In solidarity with our neighbors across the street at the Casa Boyaca and in keeping with our human development mission, the Danilo Pérez Foundation, on Febraury 22, organized a collection center to receive donations of clothing, food, water and basic necessities, which have been distributed to the residents affected by the fire.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the businesses, groups, individuals, communications media and especially the volunteers whose efforts have made these actions possible.

Para más información puede comunicarse con la Fundación en el teléfono 211-0272 o escribir a asistente@fundaciondaniloperez.org.



People have to eat, and keep themselves clean.


                                    Few things can live without water. People can’t.


We take care of one another. Is some selfish hustler going to tell you about the “survival of the fittest?” Well yes, people have had a remarkable run as social animals. Those who have survived and prospered are not the societies based on rapacious individuals but those who protect each other.


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