Boom times at a glance — or are they?

Coronado 1
Looking about from upstairs at Coronado, where there are stores starting to fill up many of the new buildings that have gone up in recent times — but does all look well? Check out the billboards. Click here to see a larger version of this image. One public service announcement billboard, one billboard marking where a store is, another partially obstructed little blue billboard with a business message and four empty billboards. The advertising business is in a bit of a crisis and that reflects deeper uncertainties in the Panamanian economy. Yes, the progress on money laundering towers and the public works projects underway will be used to paint the picture in a different hue. But this isn’t the slums, it’s Coronado, and the billboards are like that all along the Pan-American Highway.

A glimpse of the nation’s economy

photos by Eric Jackson


With the new shopping strips, there is a phenomenon of businesses moving from recently built premises or not so new buildings to brand new locales. But some have closed rather than moved.


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