Bernal, The payrolls

Miguel Antonio Bernal. Archive photo by Eric Jackson.

Payrolls: The set-up is the story

by Miguel Antonio Bernal

Little by little, the montage of payrolls puts the citizen and reality face-to-face. There can be no turning back from the facts: the governability pact was (and will be) for easy theft — for one side and the other.

From the lottery tickets that have been appearing on some payrolls — not all — we have been able to confirm the hijacking of democracy at the hands of modern-day treasury looters.

The set-up has been laid bare: executive, legislative, judicial, comptoller, prosecutor, electoral tribunal and the leadership of the rotten party system, all united in the most despicable way to swipe the money for the health, education, food, public safety and jobs of the working population.

It’s gluttony, more than the struggle for power, that has brought them to pick through the rags of their theater of deceit. It’s the source of their filth, of the miasma in which they wallow as the steal and steal and steal.

Nothing stops them, nobody slows them down. Lords and owners of this farce that precedes the tragedy, they fatten themselves with ease in the absence of citizen control mechanisms.

To Odebrecht, Blue Apple, the Social Security Fund 300, MECO and a long et cetera, we add the payrolls in the antechamber of crimes against humanity, perpetrated by all these impostors and masters of deceit. Its set-up is the history of our reality: it’s not the payroll that maintains the government, it’s the government that maintains the payroll — with the Panamanian people’s money.

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