Martinelli throws in the towel on extradition — sort of

RM note
A momentous decision, a manic rant, a depressive surrender, or something else? This is a hand-written note by the former president, sent out by his orders via Twitter.

Martinelli’s note, our translation:

Sidney / Camacho

I am hereby authorizing you to disclose NOW that I am renouncing both the bail and the habeas corpus appeals in the 11th Circuit in Atlanta and I am accepting what the Extradition Treaty of 1905 says with its Specialty clause. It is in the State Department’s hands to make the final decision.

This is effective today, Wednesday May 24 2018 [sic].

Marco Jiménez is now not my lawyer.

Ricardo Martinelli
[cedula] 8160293

do a tweet and photocopy of this

So what does it mean? Whatever discussions, thought processes or emotional storms may be involved, it seems that the July 17 hearing in Atlanta is off. The former president had a weak case to fight extradition or to get bail anyway. But might he expect that Secretary of State Pompeo will save him from being sent back to Panama? Might he be thinking in terms of a return to this country with the possibility of some sort of hero’s welcome?

Whatever other possibilities lurk out there, it appears that the court fight over extradition is over.

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