Trains coming through (soon)

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Where the Metro’s two lines
will meet in San Miguelito

photo by Kermit Nourse

It has been a long time in coming and timed for President Varela to cut the ribbon before he leaves office. It’s Line 2 of the Metro commuter train system about to be completed at its junction with Line 1. Testing on already finished but not yet opened parts of the line, which goes from Nuevo Tocumen to San Miguelito, began on August 16. The bill for Line 2, which will move a lot of working people from the eastern parts of the metro area into the city center, is expected to be around $365 million. The line will not go to Tocumen airport, but a lot of folks would be able to get close enough for cheaper cab or bus connections or to hoof it with their backpacks. (Figure that the taxi syndicates and maleantes may want to complicate such calculations.) Meanwhile, work on Line 3, which will cross the canal on a new bridge and go out to La Chorrera, is about to get underway.


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