DNC, The firing of Jeff Sessions and appointment of Matthew Whitaker

DNC chair Tom Perez.

On the firing of Jeff Sessions and the appointment
of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General

by Tom Perez – chair, Democratic National Committee

This is a gross abuse of power and extremely dangerous to the rule of law. And put simply, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Donald Trump has now hand-selected an acting Attorney General who has been openly and publicly hostile toward the special counsel’s investigation. Whitaker is not an independent law enforcement official. Nor was he confirmed by the US Senate to serve in this role. He is a Trump acolyte committed to protecting the president against any consequences for his potential crimes.

Yesterday, voters made clear that they won’t accept Donald Trump’s corrupt disregard for the rule of law. Elections have consequences, and this president will be held accountable for any interference in the special counsel’s investigation.


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