The Panama News is back up! Thank you DreamHost!

The editor is into this Panagringo niche of primarily English journalism in Panama, with his own values and those of others who contribute to the publication in so many different ways. Someone else’s dream might be about salacious celebrity tales, bird or beast pictures, networking among people who keep the Extremely Mean Biting Snake as a pet, or whatever. DreamHost keeps your dream alive and online. The above logo is pirated. The editor’s opinion is unsolicited. ¡Gracias, amigos y amigas de DreamHost!

I have a dream!

Been through the drill so many times. The bot attack out of China in 2006. The series of hacks between 2013 and 2015, which led to a seven month or so outage. (That was when the Facebook page became not only the extension blog, but the most vital of backups.) Then we started using DreamHost as the server for The Panama News.

These folks take so much of the anxiety out of today’s chaotic Internet.

Are they better at this because they are a private company more or less owned by the folks who started it, without corporate raiders and shareholder activists demanding that every last drop be squeezed out of their clients? I’m not part of their business culture. You don’t notice them in celebrity gossip “news.”

If you are a small news website, however, you do notice and appreciate. Take it from a guy who has fended off three obnoxious prosecutions under Panama’s press gag criminal defamation laws – as much as a good lawyer, a personal tendency to stand up to crooks who intimidate the press, friends who turn out when nobody else will and honest and competent lawyers, DreamHost is a very important defender of freedom of the press.

If you publish, you need to defend yourself. Even if you don’t have a lot of money. Even if your website is some non-controversial thing about photos of flowers and bugs, salacious gossip about ‘celebrities’ who revel in it, or a politically protected official propaganda sheet. DreamHost are good folks to have watching your back, even over a long holiday weekend.

Gracias, compañeros.

Eric Jackson
The Panama News

The Panama News website is down
Message #: 8452487
Time: 2018-12-31 02:49:43
I went to upload a story to The Panama News on December 30 and could not get into the site to do so. So I checked, and the website is down.

Many things are happening at once and it is the holiday season. Is it a hack event? Don’t know, have things that make me suspect. I have been through the drill enough to know that at my level of resources and technical knowledge whodunnit is an unproductive pursuit. What I do is publish stories on the Facebook page that I use as an extension of The Panama News until the problem gets resolved.

But I would like to get it resolved. I hope you folks can help.

Eric Jackson
for The Panama News

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Re: The Panama News website is down
Message #: 157120232
Time: 2018-12-31 09:20:45

Thank you for contacting DreamHost support.

I am so sorry to hear that your site was experiencing issues!

It was due to a MySQL issue on our end, our techops team fixed that up
and it should work great moving forward. Again my apologies for any
inconvenience this may have caused.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or

Have a great day,
Andrew P

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PS: While we were down we published this and this as Facebook notes.

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