Art lessons with George Scribner

“Hope It Doesn’t Fall” — ship in drydock, Golden Open Acrylic on canvas board, 11″ x 14″.

New paintings and art lessons

graphics by George Scribner

ship class 1

Teaching a class aboard the Disney Wonder

I was invited to speak on the Disney Wonder as it transited The Panama Canal. I did several presentations on the paintings I did chronicling the construction of the Panama Canal Expansion as well as the animated projects I directed for Shanghai Disneyland.

Above, one of my presentations. Painting on the Pacific side of the Canal in 2008. In the distance you can see the trench for the new set of locks.

(While I was painting at this site a fuel truck pulled up and about fifteen construction workers — or it seemed that way — jumped out and all had their picture taken with me. I was very famous for about an hour.)

I also did drawing classes on the ship teaching our guests how to draw our Disney characters. I drew on a large easel and they followed along with me. A lot of very talented guests!

Disney Wonder in new locks
“The Wonder” — digital iPad painting.

The Disney Wonder in the Panama Canal. We transited the Canal in the new set of locks (on the Atlantic side). It was strange to be floating over areas where I’d painted during the construction.

painting locks construction

Painting at these locks in 2013.


ship class 2
Another ship class.

A mini-class — painting on a tablet

“Cape Neddick”  12” x 16” — the finished painting on canvas. Working this out ahead of time saved me from gnashing my teeth.


A simple primer on drawing and painting on a digital tablet using software called Sketchbook Pro. The software is free and is available in Windows, Mac and Android. I’m a big fan of these tablets. It’s a quick way to work out some of the problems of a painting before  painting on a canvas.

Above is an example I did on my iPad — Cape Neddick, Maine. I worked out the composition, the overall colors and the relationships of lights and darks. A lot easier than trying to figure this out on a large canvas.


Sketchbook Pro

a screen grab of the App at the Apple App Store


It’s helpful if your tablet has a pen. You can draw with your finger but it’s pretty awkward. You’ll get better results and be a happier human being using a pen. Some come bundled with one, others like the iPad have to be purchased separately. I use an 11 inch iPad Pro.


I’m going to touch on just a few tools, enough to get you sketching and add some color.


1. I make a simple drawing using the pencil tool.

2. Then add a simple color wash using the marker tool. All I’m after is the main color spots. The arrow on the top left is the undo button. It’s your best friend.


3. When I’m happy with the color choices I use a brush tool to cover up the lines and make it more painterly.

4. And finally if I want to soften some of the edges… (optional)….

Like I said there’s a lot more to the program, this is just a little baby intro. I’m planning to do a YouTube video channel and describe this in more detail. Hope you enjoyed!

“Avalon” — Digital iPad painting. Port of Spain, Trinidad. My mother was born here and I visited a few months ago.

George Scribner is a senior Disney artist who is from Panama. His work appears in The Panama News from time to time. Perhaps you want to attend one of the classes or seminars he gives from time to time. Perhaps you want to see some more of his work, and maybe buy some of it. To find out about these things go to or


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