Bonilla, Open letter to Trump

The first Americans also came on foot, by this route. US National Parks Service graphic.

Mr. President:

You were elected to govern the United States of America. Not to divide it by race, religion, or national origin or ethnicity. The first Americans, who founded this country, weren’t born on this country. They, like your ancestors, where born not in the US but overseas. Please remember, is the “United” States of America.

All Americans, wealthy or poor, must have opportunities to live on decent conditions. You must seek not party members benefits, but benefits for all Americans regardless of their political affiliation or belief. The press is not your enemy, it is a mean for all Americans to learn about your conduct and decisions, which impacts all Americans. It has been said that the Roman Empire fell because there was no press.

You were elected not to play golf and send tweets, but to govern and guide this great country. To what we all expect will be a better future. Not to alienate the countries that have supported America, in policies and wars. That damage will be difficult to overcome.

The credibility of our country and our policies will be hard to restore. Your presidency will eventually pass, but America and the need for credibility and respect for it from other nations will remain. Make true your frequent images embracing the American flag.

“Make America Great Again,” your campaign slogan, must not be a hollow statement, but a true assertion. Time will judge you, and time is a merciless judge. 

Alfredo Bonilla III


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